Emini Trading School – What You Should Expect to Learn

Emini trading schools have been popping up all over the internet as the emini trading market takes the world by storm. With so many schools and training courses out there, how do you know that what you are getting covers at least the basics of what an emini trading school should teach? Here I have listed the key topics that must be covered in any emini course.Now this list is really for the beginners, so if you’re already an experienced day trader this will most likely not apply to you. You should already have these technical skills in place as they are foundations to professional day trading. For more information on emini’s specifically, experienced day traders can follow the link at the end of this article.Okay, so here’s the list:

Learn how to access real-time, reliable charts and then how to read them – if you’re going to day trade in eminis, you will need to have access to live data in order to place your trades. There are many, MANY charting software companies to choose from, you need to ensure that the information the charts provide match up to the teaching from your course. Also the data feed needs to be reliable, if there are delays in getting your data you may end up placing trades too late. It is imperative that you understand charts and what the main features are. Any emini trading school should show you their method of trading and therefore what information they are looking for on a chart.

Learn how to set up a trading platform and use it proficiently – when you place a trade on the emini market, you use a trading platform to do this. The trading platform sends your instructions to your broker who then places your trades in the market. This is all done electronically so you need to be taught how to enter accurate information so that you are transmitting your instructions correctly.

Setting up an account with a broker – for a new trader this can be a daunting task. You’ll learn how much capital you need to start an account, how the broker receives instructions, their customer service, clearing facilities etc. Your emini trading school should provide a list of which brokers are comfortable with the style of trading that they teach so that students can work with a broker who understands their methods.

Recognizing signals – each emini trading school will teach a different strategy for knowing when to enter and exit the market. Most use technical analysis which is a science where by studying charts and their historical movements you can predict which direction the market is likely to move in. There are different signals that each emini trading school will see on a chart that indicates to them that they should enter or exit the market. It is these signals in particular that can greatly increase your chances of being successful.

Setting your profit targets and stop losses – the signals that you are using to enter or exit a trade may influence the profit targets or stop losses you choose. These are skills that should be taught to you by your emini trading course with the intention that you maximize your profits and minimize your losses in any given trade.

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