Postmodernist Art Movement and Its Connection to Painting

Post-modernism is a very interesting art movement. Actually it is more of a way of seeing art, texts, and actions. For example, a post-modernist artist could paint their own body, and appear on stage waving see through vials, while a projector shows their paintings on a white wall behind the artist, or on the artist themselves.Post-modernists have taken painting to a whole new level, and as a result, their art isn’t very durable. For example, a painting of a plate of shrimp that has real shrimp glued to it will spoil quickly.Post-modernists see all painters as equal. They do not agree that masters such as Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo are better than the rest. To them all the artists are one group, not individuals. This view is not liked by many.Some people may have certain post-modernist aspects in their work, but they don’t have to agree with everything this movement believes in. Actually, most post-modernist artists don’t even know that they belong to such a movement, they simply enjoy experimenting with various techniques and styles.One very popular post-modernist technique is to include the artist as part of the “item” that is presented. Of course, an artist can have more than one person be part of their art work. For example, Leonardo da Vinci’sMona Lisa will be presented in a post-modernist view like this – a white wall on which the background of the famous painting is copied, and a real woman dressed as Mona Lisa standing in front of it. Another post-modern representation of the Mona Lisa would be a painting that represents the wall in the Louvre where theMona Lisa is displayed. However, Mona Lisa is desperately trying to get out, well aware that she is in a painting.Part of the PO-MO view is to make fun of art. Allan Graham is a very popular American post-modernist. One of his paintings is simply the words “you are here” on a white canvas. The words are painted in black color.Modernism and post-modernism are similar in many ways. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate just by looking at two paintings which movement they belong to. Only very extreme paintings can be classified within only one genre. Part of the beauty of art is that it doesn’t need to be logical or labeled.Some artists enjoy mixing things up and surprising their audience. Others want to discover the classics, and they strive to reach the masters’ precision and calculations. Art is meant to be enjoyed, discussed, critiqued, and speculated. Unlike spelling, there is no right or wrong way to create art or to appreciate it. Art enthusiasts can hang anything they want on their walls as long as it makes them happy.Post-modernism is a little bit of everything – Futurism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Literature, Modernism, Acrylic Paintings, Music, Photography, and Architecture. According to POMOs everything goes good with paints, and if something can’t be put on a canvas, then it can be painted over. This makes the world of the fine arts even more exciting, unpredictable, and extreme.

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